Museums and Heritage

Archaeological Museum José Cassinelli– This museum bears the name of the collector who has dedicated more than sixty years of his life to collecting “Arte del Perú Antiguo”. It is what could be called a passionate collector, because it has achieved a whole range of objects of stone…

A museum of great importance is the Cassinelli Museum , a place to learn more about the history of ancient Peru thanks to the fact that it is an important collection that was made by José Luís Cassinelli, who was a person who dedicated himself to study the different cultures of the Ancient Peru.

The Valencian Toy Museum (Museo Del Juguete) is a centre for the preservation, research and the dissemination of the toy making heritage. It’s an extraordinary place that takes you back into the past, and lets the toys speak of what childhood and the ways of understanding the world were like in years gone by. 

Located along the famous Plaza de Armas, Casa Urquiaga (Casa Calonge) offers a rare glimpse into the political history of Trujillo. Here, in this sprawling mansion with three courtyards and numerous rooms festooned in chandeliers, visitors can get a sense of the everyday life of the Colonial political elite.

The Museo del Juguete in Trujillo, the only toy museum in Peru and one of the first of its kind in South America, is an intriguing cultural space in the heart of the city’s colonial core. Address: 705, Jirón Independencia, Trujillo 13001, Peru. Phone: +51 44 208181

Cao Museum– It is located in front to Huaca Cao. The museum is organized in six thematic halls and has also monitors LCD, that permit through videos and animations to explain the particulars details of each hall.